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  • 'Soil Your Undies" Kit

    'Soil Your Undies" Kit


    Want a fun and graphic way to measure the amount of biological activity in your soil? For the past few years, farmers throughout North America have been "Soiling Their... 

  • LSP T-Shirt

    LSP T-Shirt


    LSP's t-shirts are“avocado” green, and come in various sizes, with women’s and men’s cuts available. They are ring-spun 100 percent organic cotton... 

  • Local Democracy Bumper Sticker

    Local Democracy Bumper Sticker

    3'' x 9''

    Display your support for local democracy with LSP's 3 x 9 red, white and blue bumper sticker. It features the words: "Grassroots Democracy & Local Control: Stand Up...