Cover Crops, No-Till & More

  • St. Columban Church, 408 Preston Street NW, Preston, MN 55965
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  • RSVP to Shona Snater, LSP, 507-523-3366,

The Land Stewardship Project will host Loran Steinlage of West Union, Iowa, to discuss his no-till farming operation, which includes 750 acres of corn, soybeans and some small grains. After 10 years of cover crop experimentation, Loran has become well respected in northeastern Iowa for his innovative work with V6 interseeding and relay cropping, growing multiple crops at once. His interseeding mix—“the jungle mix” as he calls it—is varied but can include radish, rape, vetch, several clovers, buckwheat, phacelia, flax, oats and more. Loran will share his homemade interseeder design that can precisely double-row drill his cover crops and apply fertilizer. He is even growing and harvesting his own cover crop seed.

There will also be a farmer panel. This workshop will cover:

• No-till and cover crop questions answered.
• Seeding cover crops into corn at the six-leaf stage (V6).
• Chemical programs for interseeding.
• Grazing cover crops.

The cost is $15 per person, which includes lunch. For more information, call LSP's Shona Snater at 507-523-3366 or e-mail her; more information is also available on this flier.

To learn more about the Steinlage operation, check out this recent LSP blog: Trying Times Call for Building Soil Health.