December 2003 Land Stewardship Letter

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Table of Contents

Cover Story…1

• Allies in the Resistance Movement: Building a more resilient farming system starts with the kind of cross-pollination that occurs when farmers and land grant scientists get together on the land. (last in a series)
• On-farm research resources


LSL Q & A: The machine revs out of control
• The war to end all wars
• Let's keep the land & cows together
• What's on your mind?

Myth Buster Box…5

• Modern dairy farming

News Briefs…6

• Dust-up over drugs
• Your tax money at work
• Consumers: We'll pay to help farms, but…
• GMOs increase chemical use

LSP News…7

• Beginning Farmer & Rancher Conference opens registration for March 27 event
• Hop on board the Farm Beginnings Express
• We're looking for CSA farmers
• Bobino anniversary benefits LSP
Stewardship Art Gallery seeks entries
LSL back issues
• LSP develops energy policy statement
• Swine scientist: 'Wal-Mart effect' creates niches for family farmers
• Pig Power II Jan. 27

Policy Update…10

• Congress funds CSP; USDA releases rules
• Comment on CSP by mid-February
• Making your voice heard at the MN Legislature

Western MN Update…12

• Strengthening community one quarter at a time

Food & Farm Connection…16

• Food Alliance Midwest: Bringing home the gold
• LSP holds follow-up to farmer-chef dialogue
• Annual Food Alliance meeting Feb. 12 in Bloomington
• Analysis: U.S. to be a net food importer


Multiple Benefits of Agriculture…18

• Revisionist history: Intensive row-cropping contributes more than its share to our sediment pollution problems, but a recent study shows how farming doesn't have to be fated to live in the past
The Multiple Benefits of Agriculture report


Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition & Health, by Marion Nestle

Navigating the GEIS…21

• Manure & Soil
• Navigate the GEIS yourself

Membership Update…23

• The power of compounding interests
• Name dropping
• Support LSP in your workplace

Stewardship Calendar…24