No. 1, 2020, Land Stewardship Letter

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• Paper copies are available by contacting Brian DeVore at 612-722-6377 or via e-mail.

Table of Contents

Stewardship Roots…3
• Everything is Connected to Everything Else
• Glover Named LSP's New Executive Director

LSP News…6
• Staff Changes
• It's All About the Small Group Discussions

Policy & Organizing…8
• MN Supreme Court Upholds Frac Sand Ban
• LSP Members Push for Bold Action on Farm Crisis
• Voices from the Farm Crisis Forum

Farm Crisis…10
• Lights in the Darkness
• Farm Crisis Resources
• Making a Wager on Smaller Dairy Farms
• Cows Don't Shop

Farming's Changing Climate…14
• White Paper Shows Ag's Climate Mitigation Potential
• Taking on Climate Change on Produce Farms
• Channeling Water's Power Profitability

Soil Health…18
• Agriculture, Insects, Ecology & Economics
• A New Generation of Soil Generators
• The Power of Pasture Walks
• Join the Soil Builders' Network

COVID Community…20
• Fulfilling a Social Contract With Carrots
• Farmer-Eater Exchange
• More of the Same or a New Direction?
• COVID-19 Aid Should be for People, Not Global Agribusiness
• How Are You Doing?

Farm Transitions…24
• That Farm on Highway 40
• A Few Tips for Helping the New Generation
Seeking Farmers-Seeking Land Clearinghouse

Grocery Store
Wildly Successful Coming Out in Paperback

Membership Update…30
• Thanks to Our Breakfast Sponsors
• In Memory & in Honor
• Support LSP in Your Workplace
• Volunteer for LSP
• Membership Questions
• Get Current With LIVE-WIRE
• Land Stewardship Talk
• LSP Fact Sheets

Stewardship Calendar…32

Farm Beginnings…32
• 2020-2021 Course Accepting Applications