No. 3, 2019, Land Stewardship Letter

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• Paper copies are available by contacting Brian DeVore at 612-722-6377 or via e-mail.

Table of Contents

Stewardship Roots…3
• National Sustainable Ag Oral History Project

Myth Buster Box…4
• Mega-Dairies & Local Communities

LSP's Vision for the Future…5
• Core Values: Stewardship, Justice, Democracy, Health, Community

LSP News…6
• New LSP Board Members
• New Organizer Joins Staff
• CSA Farmers: Time to sign-up for the Directory
Sign-up for the LIVE-WIRE
• Pasture Walks
• Farmland Access Resource
• Financial Skills Resource

Community Based Foods…8
• Partners on the Marketing Front

Policy & Organizing…10
• LSP's Farm Crisis Statement
• The Power of a Positive Narrative
• The False Basis of 'Get Big'
• Court Orders Factory Farm Review
• Standing Up to a Factory Farm
• Members Talk Trade, Crisis in DC

Renting It Out Right…16
• The Power of No
• Tips for Conservation Conversations
• Conservation Leases Toolkit

Farm Beginnings…18
• 2020-2021 FB Course Accepting Applications
• Farm Beginnings in Other Regions
• Farm Dreams

Farm Transitions…19
Seeking Farmers-Seeking Land Clearinghouse
• A High-Value Apprenticeship
• Transition Tips from Both Sides
• Farm Transition Planning Workshops this Winter

Soil Health…24
• The Science of Resiliency
• Report from the Soil Health Underground
• A Caver-Farmer's Point of View
• Join the Soil Builders' Network

Fruitful Labor
Farming for the Long Haul
Wildly Successful Farming Coming Out in Paperback

Membership Update…30
• The True Meaning of Stewardship
• Volunteer for LSP
• In Memory & in Honor
• Support LSP in Your Workplace

Stewardship Calendar…32

LSP Merchandise…32