No. 4, 2013, Land Stewardship Letter

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Table of Contents

Report from the Field…3
• Digging into the Big Land Grab

• Nitro-Powered Farming

Myth Buster…5
•We Must Double Our Food Production

LSP News…6
• Sign-up for the CSA Farm Directory
Stewardship Farm Directory Available
• LSP Members Honored
• LSP Staff Changes
• 2013 Field Days, Workshops, Events

Land-Farmer Clearinghouse…11

Farm Beginnings…12
Farm Transitions Toolkit Launched
• It's Time for Farm Transition Thinking
• Farm Transitions Stories:
- A Return to the Community
- Leaving an Organic Legacy
- Placing Trust in the Land
- Teeming with Team Members
- Luck, Pluck & Relationships

Profits from Perennials…25
• Cover-Cropping's Next Act

Rebuilding the Foodshed
Muskrat for Supper

Membership Update… 30
• LSP Financial Update
• Membership Questions?
• Get Current with LIVE-WIRE
• In Memory & in Honor
• Want to Volunteer for LSP?
• Get Your LSP T-Shirt
• Support LSP in Your Workplace

Stewardship Calendar…32