Winter 2010 Land Stewardship Letter

A pdf version of this issue can be downloaded here.

Table of Contents


• A view from the headwaters
• Farmwork, farmworkers & sustainability

Myth Buster…5

• Genetically modified crops have reduced pesticide use
• Plowing the numbers: More mega-farms but…

LSP News…6

• LSP named 'Local Food Hero'
• LSP's 2010 CSA Directory available
• LSP calls for transparent atrazine review
• '10 Things' greenhouse workshop
Stewardship Food Directory available
• Bacigalupo new LSP FB Director
• Friauf serving FB internship
• Van Pelt serving LSP internship
• Mesko new SFA head
• Get current with LIVE-WIRE
• LSP on Facebook

Policy & Organizing…10

• CSP's test drive
• Working on BFRDP's improvement
• Holding a herbicide's manufacturer accountable: excerpts from a special report

Farm Beginnings…18

• Farm Beginnings deadline Sept. 1
• Interns, farm help needed
Seeking Farmers-Seeking Land Clearinghouse
Fresh Faces-Fresh Farming: Heather Smith

Community Based Food Systems…22

• Buy Fresh Buy Local workshop
• Local food handling guidelines
• 'Buying Directly from a Farmer' fact sheet
• Farmers' market on campus
• Local food in SE Minn.
• Local food in a retirement community
• A new community garden in Minneapolis

Wildly Successful Farming…26

• Passion can make up for a lot


Two Angry Moms
All My Bones Shake
Food Rules

Membership Update…30

• Sustain LSP with sustainable pledges
• Continue your land's legacy
• Thank you!

Stewardship Calendar…32