LSP History Out Loud

This page includes links to Ear to the Ground podcast episodes that touch on various aspects of the Land Stewardship Project's history. We will be adding new episodes as they are developed.

Ear to the Ground 248: Giving a Damn About the Future of Ag

Over the past two decades, LSP's Farm Beginnings course has developed into a nationally-recognized program for launching the next generation of innovative farmers. Karen Stettler and Amy Bacigalupo talk about how Farm Beginnings got started, the community-centered philosophy it's based on, and where it's headed. (3/27/21)

Ear to the Ground 245: Sustainable vs. Regenerative

Should we call it "sustainable" or "regenerative" ag? Dana Jackson makes it clear this is not a new debate and it all centers around soil, communities, and people. (10/25/20)

Ear to the Ground 223: Sustainable Ag Policy's Deep Roots

LSP co-founder Ron Kroese talks about the National Sustainable Agriculture Oral History Archive, which features interviews he did with pioneers in the movement to develop policy that supports regenerative farm and food systems. (3/12/19)

Ear to the Ground 213: Fighting the Worst-Promoting the Best

LSP executive director Mark Schultz describes why it's critical that LSP join forces with other "people's organizations" in our fight for change. (7/24/18)

Ear to the Ground 204: Policy Change from the Ground Up

Mark Schultz talks about how LSP's members hatched one of the most innovative farm conservation programs around...and why we need to fight for it. (3/16/18)

Ear to the Ground 186: New LSP Leadership

George Boody and Mark Schultz discuss their personal passions and how LSP brings about positive change as the organization prepares for a leadership transition. (11/8/16)

Ear to the Ground 95: Look Who's Knocking (part 2)

A play about a retiring couple's struggle with their farm's future. (2/2/11)

Ear to the Ground 94: Look Who's Knocking (part 1)

A play about a retiring couple's struggle with their farm's future. (1/31/21)

Ear to the Ground 72: Beginning Farmer & Rancher Development Program

A landmark national beginning farmer program is launched. (11/23/09)

Ear to the Ground 32: Eyes to the Acre

The Monitoring Team's agroecological legacy. (4/25/07)

Ear to the Ground 04: Digging Deep

A farm family unearths some unpleasant environmental history, pushing them to work even harder to be good stewards of the land. (12/16/05)