Farm Beginnings Field Day on Humanely Raised Pigs

  • Lake City Catholic Worker Farm, Lake City, Minn.
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  • RSVP to Dori Eder,, 612-578-4497

Join Paul and Sara Freid at Lake City Catholic Worker Farm to learn about humanely raised pigs. The Freids are in their 5th year of raising happy, healthy and high quality pigs for direct sales as wholes, halves and retail cuts at the farmers' market. Pigs are raised from March to October. Pig spend the earliest part of the season in an outdoor confined area and then as pasture becomes available the pigs are out grazing, including in some of the veggie fields to be the first ones to till up the soil. Moving pigs on pasture can be a real challenge and is a skill the Freids are still learning. During the field day they will discuss sourcing pigs, breeds, feed sources and costs, pasture management and infrastructure.

From Paul and Sara: "We are a faith-based farming community in the Catholic Worker tradition of a land and craft—based economy, the works of mercy and Restoration Agriculture. Believing in the sacredness of the land, our agricultural practices strive to be ecologically sustainable, economically sound, and socially just. Our animals are humanely raised and our farming is perennial-based. As a community farm, we welcome visitors to cooperatively learn practical skills and enjoy real food. We bring a spirit of joy to our work and share our excitement for local food and culture with our community."