'Wildly Successful Farming' Book Event with Brian DeVore in Mountain Lake

  • Jubilee Market & Peacemeals, 1312 Mt. Lake Road, Mountain Lake, MN 56159
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  • RSVP to Judy Harder, 507-360-3293

Brian DeVore of the Land Stewardship Project will discuss his new book, Wildly Successful Farming: Sustainability and the New Agricultural Land ImageEthic on Friday, Feb. 15, beginning at 7 p.m., at Jubilee Market & Peacemeals in Mountain Lake, Minn.

Brian DeVore will be reading from his book at the Jubilee Market & Peacemeals dining event on Friday, Feb. 15, in Mountain Lake, Minn. He will have books on-hand for sale and will be signing copies.

The charge for the meal is $30, which covers a multi-course supper. Pre-registration is required. Contact Judy Harder at 507-360-3293.

Wildly Successful Farming tells the stories of farmers in Minnesota and across the Midwest who are balancing profitability and food production with environmental sustainability and a passion for all things wild. They are using innovative techniques and strategies to develop their “wildly” successful farms as working ecosystems.

Other Reading Events this Winter & Spring

This is one in a series of Wildly Successful Farming events:

Feb. 15: Reading at Jubilee Market & Peacemeals dining event, Mountain Lake, Minn.
Feb. 19: Reading at Deer Park Public Library, Deer Park, Wis.
March 5: Reading at River Falls Public Library, River Falls, Wis.
March 16: Presentation at Leopold Landscape Alliance, Burlington, Iowa
April 10: Reading at the Lingonberry, Decorah, Iowa
April 11: Presentation at Tallgrass Prairie Center, Cedar Falls, Iowa