Fresh Voices

Interested in hearing directly from the next generation of innovative farmers? Check out the Land Stewardship Project’s Ear to the Ground “Fresh Voices” podcast series. You can read profiles of Farm Beginnings grads here. You can check out all 272 episodes of our Ear to the Ground podcast here.

Ear to the Ground 273: Incubating Immigrants

Dawn 2 Dusk’s dedication to helping Africans get established on Minnesota soil.

Ear to the Ground 272: Micro Milk Mentorship

Government regulators may be befuddled by Cella Langer and Emmet Fisher’s tiny dairy, but these Farm Beginnings/Journeyperson grads know exactly where it fits into their business.

Ear to the Ground 265: Diving into Safer Waters

Nettle Valley Farm’s “informed sink or swim” model of incubating the next generation of farmers.

Ear to the Ground 264: Center of the Universe

Pack-shed or people? LSP’s Journeyperson helped vegetable producers Les Macare and Els Dobrick make a big decision about a recent growing season.

Ear to the Ground 263: Public Investment in Public Goods

Anna Racer and Pete Skold have used state and federal “spark plugs” to build a farm enterprise infrastructure that’s good not just for them, but the community as well.

Ear to the Ground 262: A Silvo Secondary Enterprise

Rachel Henderson and Anton Ptak’s secondary enterprise could be a boon for farm country pollinators.

Ear to the Ground 248: Giving a Damn About the Future of Ag

Over the past two decades, LSP’s Farm Beginnings course has developed into a nationally-recognized program for launching the next generation of innovative farmers. Karen Stettler and Amy Bacigalupo talk about how Farm Beginnings got started, the community-centered philosophy it’s based on, and where it’s headed.

Ear to the Ground 247: A Raw Deal on Farmland

Hannah Bernhardt and Jason Misik couldn’t afford prime farmland brimming with infrastructure. But sweat equity and soil health are helping them transform a marginal piece of ground far from Corn Country.

Ear to the Ground 243: Debunking the Land Ownership Myth

How the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust is connecting stewardship-minded landowners with the next generation of regenerative farmers.

Ear to the Ground 241: A Farm Transition Power Team

A desire to continue a legacy (and a love of weed-pulling) eases Foxtail Farm into the hands of the next generation.

Ear to the Ground 227: From Crisis to Community

When a CAFO threatened a rural neighborhood, residents looked to a beginning farmer for a different vision of the future.

Ear to the Ground 170: Constructive Criticism

How a Farm Beginnings field day makes everyone a “consultant.”

Ear to the Ground 78: Diving in from a Distance

A young couple launches a farming enterprise from afar.