Twin Cities Metro Growers Network: Cultivating Crops & Growers

  • Big River Farms, 14220-B Ostend Trail North, Marine on St. Croix, MN
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  • RSVP to Karl Hakanson, 612-624-7948,

Come out to the beautiful St. Croix Valley to see this great farmer education program (it’s worth the trip!). We’re taking a deep dive into hand tools … Hoes, shovels, broad forks, rakes, planters, and more – which ones are good, what to avoid. Learn how to sharpen, maintain, and adjust your tools, and how to use them properly to increase productivity and decrease the wear and tear on your body!

Questions? Contact Karl Hakanson, UMN Extension-Hennepin County,, 612-624-7948, or Laura Mirafuentes, MFA,, 651-433-3676. More information is here.