Fermentation Fest

Fermentation Fest featuring the Grassland Festival is a collaboration between Wormfarm Institute, Dr. Michael Bell (UW-Madison) and several of his advisees on the Grassland 2.0 project. This agri/cultural festival will bring together UW graduate students, regenerative food vendors & fermenters, and musicians & artists from Dane and Sauk Counties to showcase some of the innovative techniques of learning about grasslands and regenerative agriculture that the Grassland 2.0 curriculum team has been developing.

Students will lead participatory theatrical performances, cow-calling workshops and distribute handmade literary zines that provide a cultural context for issues of land stewardship. Their offerings will occur within the festive atmosphere of the Witwen Campground, a historic meeting place featuring an open-air Tabernacle built in 1918 that will host musical performances throughout the day.