Come Together to Build a Healthcare System that Works for All Minnesotans


Do you have access to the care you need?

Access — for everyone — to affordable, quality healthcare that’s not linked to employment is critical if we are to have communities where sustainable, small to medium-sized farms thrive.

But farmers, self-employed people, small businesses, and now millions of newly unemployed people in our country are left without insurance or access to healthcare. And while major healthcare companies have seen soaring profits, they've been closing rural hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Land Stewardship Project (LSP) believes in a system that provides quality, affordable care - not linked to employment - for everyone. We need you with us to make that a reality.

Let's come together to build the long-term power needed to create a healthcare system that meets the needs of people now and for future generations.

Together we can create a healthcare system that supports care of people and stewardship of the land.

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