Talking Smart Soil

The Land Stewardship Project has produced a series of podcasts featuring the voices of farmers, researchers and conservationists who are on the cutting edge of building healthy soil. Check out all of our Ear to the Ground podcasts here.

Episode 208: Ray Archuleta makes a passionate pitch for treating soil like a living, breathing part of the ecosystem.

Episode 207: How a visiting student's critique set the Jon Luhman farm on a path toward profitably integrating crops, pasture and livestock.

Episode 206: John Meyer's drive to plant cover crops takes him out onto the snow and into new soil health territory.

Episode 205: Iowa farmer Loran Steinlage describes the benefits of converting a monocropped desert to a "jungle mix" of continuous living cover.

Episode 201: Kaleb Anderson's evolving view of livestock allows him to make a direct connection between profitability and soil health.

Episode 197: A row-cropped field is converted back to prairie by Jessica and Shane Blair, benefiting the environment and livestock.

Episode 196: Farmer Rory Beyer and soil health expert Justin Morris talk about how livestock, cover crops and pastures are the “rock stars” of building soil health.

Episode 195: Farmer Tom Frantzen describes how he is using diversity to make his farm more resilient in the face of extreme weather.

Episode 192: Dairy farmer Olaf Haugen finds more microbes in the soil means more money in the bank.

Episode 191: LSP’s George Boody describes what he learned at an international conference on how agriculture can sequester greenhouse gases.

Episode 190: Dr. Kristine Nichols describes how we can build agronomic, economic and environmental resiliency in our agricultural soils.

Episode 189: South Dakota farmer Rick Bieber describes how building soil health saved his farm from financial ruin.

Episode 187: Allen Williams on soil health, livestock and “compounding, cascading effects.”

Episode 183: Seeing is believing: soil conservationist Jeff Duchene describes how a rain simulator shows the value of continuous living cover on farm fields.

Episode 177: Iowa farmer Jack Boyer and Practical Farmers of Iowa researcher Sarah Carlson talk about making cover crops pay.

Episode 175: Indiana farmer Gordon Smiley describes his experience with cover cropping and how it fits into a bigger goal of improving his land’s soil health.

Episode: 154: NRCS soil health evangelist Ray Archuleta shares his passion for “farming in nature’s image.”

Episode 128: Government conservationist Doug Miller talks about treating soil as a complete ecosystem.

Episode 121: How farmers, scientists and conservationists in North Dakota have teamed up to revolutionize the relationship between ag and soil health.