Farm Beginnings Application

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Participants get the most out of Farm Beginnings when they come to the class equipped with some hands-on agricultural experience and a strong interest in starting a farming enterprise. Before you apply, get in touch with a Farm Beginnings facilitator to make sure this is the right program for you at this time.

The Farm Beginnings class fee is $1,000. This fee covers one "farm unit"— either one farmer or two farming partners who are on the same farm. A $200 deposit is required with your application, and will be put towards the final fee. Payment plans are available, as well as a limited number of scholarships.

COVID-19 & Farm Beginnings

Due to COVID-19, we are offering the 2020-2021 Farm Beginnings course online, beginning in November. There will be more, shorter sessions instead of nine full-day sessions (some or all of those sessions will be weekday evenings instead of primarily on Saturdays). Due to a reduction in in-class time, there will most likely be an increase in self-led work-time outside of sessions. Check our Farm Beginnings class description page for more information about the online format for this year's class.


• Download the main Farm Beginnings class application in Word format or PDF format.

• Download the scholarship application in Word format or PDF format.

Thank you for your interest in Farm Beginnings.