Talking Beginning Farming

Listed here are Land Stewardship Project podcasts featuring the voices of Farm Beginnings graduates and other beginning farmers who are utilizing various strategies to get successfully started on the land. Check out all of our Ear to the Ground podcasts here.

Episode 243: How the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust is connecting stewardship-minded landowners with the next generation of regenerative farmers.

Episode 241: How an innovative vegetable CSA is transitioning to the next generation.

Episode 227: When a CAFO threatened a rural neighborhood, residents looked to beginning farmer Hannah Breckbill for a different vision of the future.

Episode 203: How the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship is serving as a natural next step into farming for one Farm Beginnings graduate.

Episode 199: Farm Beginnings helps the Schwagerls do the kind of enterprise analysis needed to transfer their passions into profits.

Episode 198: For one beginning organic dairy farmer, the path to affordable land leads through some trees, up a few hills, and over a brook.

Episode 193: A farmer's wish to not have his land become just one more cornfield provides an opportunity for beginning farmers.

Episode 180: Using Farm Beginnings and Journeyperson training to make holistic decisions on a community farm.

Episode 172: With the help of LSP's Farm Beginnings and Journeyperson, Sara Morrison takes her garden beyond the backyard.

Episode 170: How a Farm Beginnings field day makes everyone a "consultant."

Episode 169: A livestock/crop farmer lends out an "odd corner" on his property as a launching pad for a beginning vegetable operation.

Episode 167: Farm Beginnings grads achieve a series of "micro-goals" in service of the bigger picture: a successful livestock enterprise.

Episode 163: Rising from the ashes: Farm Beginnings grads recover from a disaster and launch a dairy farm.

Episode 160: Farm Beginnings graduates team up to create an innovative marketing cooperative in the Lake Superior region.

Episode 155: Farm Beginnings farmer-presenter Chris Duke talks about the importance of relationships in direct-marketing.

Episode 149: Farm Beginnings grads talk about being in the "experimental/making mistakes" stage of their enterprise.

Episode 141: A beginning farmer incubator near Duluth is helping revitalize food and farming in the Lake Superior region.

Episode 140: New farmers talk about how Farm Beginnings helps them balance demand for their products with keeping their businesses, and lives, sustainable.