Call Today to Support the Conservation Stewardship Program

The Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) is under threat. This is an attack on our soil, our water and our work to build a healthier food and farming system for all. In their first draft of the 2018 Farm Bill, House Agriculture Committee leaders are talking about dramatic cuts to the program—or even eliminating it altogether.

They need to hear from you. Can you make two telephone calls today?

CSP is the main Farm Bill initiative that supports farmers who are good stewards of the land. It supports them in maintaining levels of conservation on their working farms and encourages them to do even more. It is an investment in our shared values of clean water, healthy soil, clean air and wildlife habitat on the land, and helps farmers grow the food and fiber we need to lead healthy and secure lives.

Please click the link below to call the Chairman of the House Ag Committee (Rep. Mike Conaway) and the ranking Democrat on the Committee (Rep. Collin Peterson) today.

Click Here for Call Instructions

CSP got its start when a small group of dedicated farmers and rural residents who are Land Stewardship Project members decided that farm policy needed a new direction. They decided that we should reward farmers whose practices benefit our soil, water, wildlife habitat and diverse rural landscapes. This small, dedicated group of farmers took action and, joined by people like you, organizations like the Land Stewardship Project, and members of Congress, the first version of this program was created in 2002.

The time is now for us to take action again to protect this valuable program.

How well CSP continues to support farm families and their conservation efforts will depend on you. CSP has many supporters across the country—including the farmers, ranchers, tribal community members and their families involved with the over 53,000 CSP contracts currently active. Despite this, it is still threatened because we have not raised our voices loud enough.

You can make a difference. Will you make a telephone call today in support of CSP?

Click on the link below for instructions to call, or read the instructions below.

Click Here for Call Instructions

Protect CSP in the 2018 Farm Bill by making two telephone calls. Call Chairman Conaway and ranking Democrat Rep. Peterson at the telephone numbers listed below:

Rep. Mike Conaway — 202-225-3605 — Chairman of the U.S. House Ag Committee

Rep. Collin Peterson — 202-225-2165 — Ranking Democrat on the U.S. House Ag Committee

Please tell them something like this:

Hello, my name is (your name) and I live/farm in (your town and state). I am calling to tell Chairman Conaway/Rep. Peterson that the Conservation Stewardship Program is valuable to me and my community, and I’m asking for Chairman Conaway’s/Rep. Peterson’s continued support of this important program in the 2018 Farm Bill.

(If you have a sentence or two to add about why CSP is important to you, add that too.)

(Ask) Will you give my message to them?

Our farms and ranches can provide our food and fiber in ways that contribute to our shared values of clean water, clean air, healthy soil and abundant wildlife habitat. That was the idea that the small group of Land Stewardship Project farmer-members had 15 years ago. With the help of many others, and the leadership of visionary members of Congress, CSP was designed and passed to bring farm policy in line with these values. Maintaining it will require that the power of farmers’ and ranchers’ voices is brought to bear again as Agriculture Committee members draft policy that will impact farm families for the next five years.

With your support, and your two telephone calls, we can work together now in a combined effort to keep CSP strong in the 2018 Farm Bill.