We Need Gov. Dayton's Veto

We need Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton to use his veto pen. The "Guilty by Association" legislation, Senate File 3463, was passed by the Minnesota Legislature Saturday and is on its way to the Governor's desk. This bill is being driven by corporate interests that want to chill dissent and prevent people from standing up to corporate power. In fact, the language for this bill comes directly from the corporate-backed American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC works to advance large corporate interests at the expense of the public good and democratic values. The Minnesota legislation was modeled after a bill passed in Oklahoma and its approach is openly promoted on ALEC’s website here.

Governor Dayton insisted that this provision be removed from the Omnibus Finance Bill, and it was. But, the Legislature proceeded to pass it as a stand-alone bill. We need Governor Dayton to know that people are following this legislation, are deeply opposed, and support his veto.

Take action now! Call Governor Dayton and ask him to veto the "Guilty by Association" bill. If you have already called on this issue, call again. Governor Dayton is at 651-201-3400 or 800-657-3717.

Suggested Message:

Hi, my name is _______ and I'm calling from _________, Minnesota. I am calling to urge Governor Dayton to veto Senate File 3463, the "Guilty by Association" bill, which was passed Saturday by the Legislature. Minnesotans value free speech and the right to dissent. This has been critical in achieving progress towards justice in our state. The language for this bill comes directly from the corporate-backed think tank ALEC and its intent is to chill dissent—that is wrong. Outside corporate interests should not be driving policy in our state.

Full information on the bill is in LSP's previous action alert here.