Contact Mpls. City Council to Protect Community Food Access

Key Vote Coming on Friday, Sept. 19

The Minneapolis City Council is meeting Friday, Sept. 19, to vote on changes to the Minneapolis farmstand ordinance. Under the current ordinance, community gardens and individual market gardens can only have farmstands for 15 days per year, with a permit.

Recently, Councilmember Cam Gordon moved forward a resolution that the Land Stewardship Project supports that would allow urban farmers and gardeners to set up farmstands at market gardens and community gardens in Minneapolis. This measure would eliminate the permit requirement and opens up the window to 75 days. This would make it easier to have a farmstand in Minneapolis and increase access to healthy, local food throughout the city.

However, in the Zoning and Planning Committee meeting on Sept. 11, an amendment was added that would prohibit any farmstands on community garden property.

If what is now proposed passes the Council with the amendments that Council President Barbara Johnson and Councilmember Lisa Goodman pushed for, community gardens in Minneapolis WILL NOT be able to have farmstands at all.

We can fix this, but we need YOUR help. We know that constituent voices are one of the most powerful tools for bringing about policy changes. Council members listen to YOU. There are a few City Council members who are trying to undermine the efforts of food justice and community garden advocates in this city.

If you want to help localize our food system, PLEASE call your city councilor and tell them that you support allowing farmstands at community gardens for 75 days a year in Minneapolis.

We need people to contact their Council members about this today and urge them to allow farmstands at community gardens and market gardens up to 75 days per year. That means approving the resolution that was passed unanimously by the Planning Commission without amendments.

Here is a sample message:

“Hello, my name is _____ and I live at [your address]. I support urban agriculture and increasing access to healthy local food through farmstands in the City of Minneapolis. Please support allowing farmstands at community gardens and market gardens for 75 days a year in Minneapolis. Please stand with the community and for food justice this Friday, September 19th.”

Find your City Council Member HERE!

Council members' contact information:

Ward 1: Kevin Reich,, 612-673-2201
Ward 2: Cam Gordon,, 612-673-2202
Ward 3: Jacob Frey,, 612-673-2203
Ward 4: Barb Johnson,, 612-673-2204
Ward 5: Blong Yang,, 612-673-2205
Ward 6: Abdi Warsame,, 612-673-2206
Ward 7: Lisa Goodman,, 612-673-2207
Ward 8: Elizabeth Glidden,, 612-673-2208
Ward 9: Alondra Cano,, 612-673-2209
Ward 10: Lisa Bender,, 612-673-2210
Ward 11: John Quincy,, 612-673-2211
Ward 12: Andrew Johnson,, 612-673-2212
Ward 13: Linea Palmisano,, 612-673-2213

Call your Council Member now and then drop Dylan Bradford Kesti at LSP an e-mail about who you talked to (staff or Council member) and just a quick summary of how they responded.

(NOTE: If you get voicemail, leave a message stating why you called and the position you want them to take, along with your name, that you are a Minneapolis resident and your phone number. If you can, please call back during office hours the next day to make sure they get the message.)

Thank you for your action.