Tell the MN House & Senate TODAY We Should Move Forward on Healthcare, Not Backwards

The Minnesota House and Senate are both considering budget bills that deal with healthcare. The differences are stark.

In the House, the GOP majority tried last year to get rid of MinnesotaCare altogether. That didn’t work, so this year there is a new tactic: put in an “asset test” that knocks farmers, self-employed people and other hard-working Minnesotans with more than $20,000 in assets off of Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare. The House bill also dismantles MNsure, which has had some glitches but has also provided more affordable coverage than the traditional private marketplace. It also provides better access to Minnesota’s public healthcare programs.

For many Land Stewardship Project members, these programs are the only way to access affordable, quality healthcare. The high premiums and deductibles on the private insurance market are out of reach. An asset test for these programs will directly and adversely impact family farmers and many small businesses. It would hold land, buildings, vehicles or savings against them, taking away the affordable option of the public programs.

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Senate Bill

On the other hand, the Senate is looking at ways to give more Minnesotans access to quality healthcare. The Senate’s bill would raise the income cut-off for MinnesotaCare from 200% of the poverty level to 275 percent, giving 40,000 more Minnesotans access to the affordable, high-quality MinnesotaCare program. It would deal with the “family glitch” that blocks some families from eligibility for public programs or premium tax credits if one family member has access to “affordable” insurance through an employer (which is often not affordable for the whole family). And it would explore creating a public option so Minnesotans at any income level could choose to buy into MinnesotaCare.

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For too many, especially self-employed farmers and small business people, high healthcare costs stand in the way of getting started, growing a business or simply making ends meet. Tell your legislators we need to go forward on healthcare, not backward.