Tools for Restaurants, Grocers & Other Food Business

LSP Local Food Handling Guidelines

LSP has helped develop a series of three fact sheets that provide guidelines on legally and safely selling food into local Minnesota markets. The three fact sheets are:

Sale of Shell Eggs to Grocery Stores & Restaurants in Minnesota.

Sale of Meat & Poultry to Grocery Stores & Restaurants in Minnesota.

Providing Safe, Locally-Grown Produce to Commercial Food Establishments & The General Public in Minnesota.

LSP Fact Sheet: Buying Directly From a Farmer

A fact sheet on how consumers can bypass the corporate bottleneck when buying food

Checklist: Things to Consider as you Buy Local

This is a checklist developed by LSP's office in southeast Minnesota to help eaters when they are trying to make local food buying decisions.

CSA Farm Directory

Each Spring, LSP publishes a directory of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farms. for eaters in Minnesota and western Wisconsin who are interested in becoming "members" of local, sustainable farming operations.

Stewardship Farm Directory

The Stewardship Farm Directory is a list of LSP member-farmers and retailers offering organic fruits, vegetables, and grains, antibiotic- and hormone-free meats, free-range chickens and eggs, milk and cheese from grass-fed cows, and more. The list also includes food co-ops, restaurants, and food processors that carry products grown by LSP members.