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Our Minnesota Future: Building Governing Power to Advance LSP Values

When you think about your community and Minnesota as a whole, what issues stand out as most needing to be addressed? When you allow yourself to step back and dream big, what do you hope for? At a time marked by extreme division, animosity and the feeling that nothing is getting done on the major…  Read More

MN Legislature & Healthcare: MinnesotaCare Saved, But Insurance Companies Valued Before People

The 2017 Minnesota state legislative session is complete, including a four-day special session that was needed for the Legislature to finish passing a budget. Land Stewardship Project members and staff were active throughout the session fighting for healthcare policies that put people before corporate profits. On a positive note for healthcare, the Legislature provided short-term…  Read More

Legislators: When it Comes to Healthcare, Prioritize these 3 Points

In the final days of the Minnesota state legislative session, important decisions are being made behind closed doors and away from public input. Lawmakers have until midnight on Monday, May 22, to decide on a budget for Minnesota. As of today, no budgets have been passed. Who will be prioritized and who will be hurt…  Read More