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Court’s Decision a Win for Land, Communities & Farms

In a win for the people and the land of southeastern Minnesota’s Winona County, the Minnesota Court of Appeals has declined to take up an appeal case that was brought forward by a large dairy attempting to expand well beyond an existing animal unit cap. This comes after years of neighbor-to-neighbor action and public engagement…  Read More

Leadership Change: A Joint Statement from the Boards of LSP & LSAF

On Friday, Feb. 12, Jess Anna Glover resigned as the executive director of the Land Stewardship Project and the Land Stewardship Action Fund. The boards of these two organizations have accepted her resignation and have proposed to engage Jess Anna as a consultant to help the board and management team take over her responsibilities. The…  Read More

How Farmworker Wage Theft Bankrupts Our Rural Communities

A few years ago LSP organizer Doug Nopar was told of a southeast Minnesota farm operation that was withholding wages from a worker after he had accidentally damaged a door with a skid steer loader. Nopar called the farm owner and let him know this action was quite illegal. The farmer’s response? “You know, I…  Read More

Justice for All: U of M Must Help Protect Farm Workers’ Rights

Our federal elected officials finally seem to be getting serious about passing much-needed comprehensive immigration reform in Washington, D.C. That’s good. It is also important to note there’s a very important immigrant worker rights issue that needs to be addressed right here and right now in rural Minnesota. No new laws need to be passed,…  Read More