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Ear to the Ground 268: Rolling Down the CC River

A farmer, a soil conservationist, and a crops specialist talk about how the roller crimper system can help extend the benefits of a cover crop. More Information • Video of roller crimper being used on Jovaag farm • OGRAIN fact sheets and videos on roller crimping • Ear to the Ground Podcast Episode 257: The House…  Read More

A Water Summit Systemic Solution: Continuously Clean Water Needs Continuous Living Cover

Water, as Land Stewardship Project board member Vince Ready says, is vital for life. When Governor Mark Dayton’s Water Summit takes place on Feb. 27, it’s likely a lot of innovative proposals for solving Minnesota’s water quality crisis will be discussed. That’s good, because this Summit is centered around one of the most basic questions…  Read More

Don’t Trash Corn Stover

It’s been clear for some time that the biofuels industry needs to wean itself off of the corn ethanol spigot. Numerous studies show that utilizing the kernels of corn to distill fuel are playing havoc with food and feed prices, while contributing to a devastating plow-up of grassland, hayland, wetlands and just about any perennial…  Read More

Forever Green: Relaying Resiliency

To Matthew Ott, three words could make all the difference as to whether farming systems that protect the soil year-round in Minnesota become a consistent agricultural presence in the state. “For me, the most exciting thing is to be able to use the term, ‘cash cover crops,’ ” says the University of Minnesota graduate student.…  Read More