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The Healthcare Status Quo is Not Acceptable

NOTE: Land Stewardship Project member Leslea Hodgson spoke at the HEALTHCARE-NOW conference in Minneapolis in June. LSP participated in the conference, which focused on organizing a grassroots movement around the principles of a healthcare system in which everyone is in and no one is left out. Below is an excerpt of her talk. I have…  Read More

Farm Beginnings Profile: Micro Goals-Big Plans

Walking down a sloping lane on a spring afternoon, Luke and Liana Tessum surprise an Angus beef cow wandering up from a bottomland paddock. The lone bovine, and 18 cow-calf pairs grazing on the pasture below, represent the reaching of what the 30-something couple calls yet one more “micro-goal.” In December, the Tessums paid off…  Read More

Farmfest Forum Sheds Light on Positive Role Government Can Play in Healthcare

When we talk to our friends and neighbors who are on Medicare, they are happy with it and sure don’t want to give it up. The same is said by veterans who use Veteran’s Administration healthcare. Social Security is another popular government run program. We need to build on this success. During an “Addressing the…  Read More

Back to the Future: A Productive Rural Minnesota Requires Healthy Minnesotans

My husband and I are self-employed. We raise and finish grass-fed beef, produce broilers on pasture and non-GMO feed, and are licensed to sell these meats frozen to consumers through stores and farmers’ markets in southeastern Minnesota. My husband and I also build cabinets out of our on-farm shop and do all kinds of custom…  Read More