DGA Summer Fling Pasture Walk in Brandon, MN

  • 9750 Co. Rd. 5 NW, Brandon, MN 56135
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  • RSVP to Bonnie Haugen, bonnie@dga-national.org, 507-421-7170

The public is invited to a Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Summer Fling Pasture Walk at Wagner Organic Dairy Farm. The main focus will be on pasture production to improve farm economics. Kent Solberg and Jeff Duchene will help us discuss pasture production financials and forage ideas for the Wagner Farm.

Before lunch, we will briefly discuss current dairy farming pressures and hear results from an ongoing study looking at financial performance of dairy grazing farms in four states.

The afternoon discussion will include a review of Ben Wagner's pasture, grazing when wet, renovating bluegrass-dominated sward, and how well-managed pastures can improve farm revenue. Ben will share what forages work on his farm and how they influence his feed costs. We will also be discussing how good pasture management can help overall farm financial success.

The four-state ongoing grazing dairy farm financials project is sponsored by Green Lands Blue Waters and the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship, with funding support from the USDA Risk Management Agency.

RSVP is appreciated, but not necessary, to Bonnie Haugen, bonnie@dga-national.org or 507-421-7170.