LSP Sowers Workshop

  • Library and Resource Room
    Living Earth Center
    170 Good Counsel Dr., Mankato MN 56001
  • RSVP to Amanda Madison,, 612-722-6377

The Land Stewardship Project Sowers workshop will train members to communicate on social media with an intentional purpose: shifting how people across the region see and understand things. You might call this type of power-building “changing hearts and minds.” If we want to be successful in achieving progress, it is essential we build power this way.

Our work will be grounded in the LSP narrative, a values-centered way of talking about our vision, the reasons we just aren’t there yet, and how we can make it happen together. LSP Sowers will bring our narrative to social media, equipped with the knowledge of how each platform works and how to be most effective.

Register now for the first LSP Sowers workshop on March 16 at the Living Earth Center, 170 Good Counsel Dr., Mankato MN 56001.

Questions to Amanda Madison:, 612-722-6377

UPDATE: Agenda

Welcome + Introductions


The origin of our personal VALUES

Break (10 minutes)

NARRATIVE: shared stories, shared values


Lunch (30 minutes)

Deep Breath: where we’re going and how we get there

The arc of STORYTELLING: me, us, now

SOCIAL MEDIA platforms overview: Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter

Break (10 minutes)

PRACTICUM: Theory into practice on “Paperbook”

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