Farming for Soil Health, Clean Water & Climate Resilience

  • Farm Table Foundation, 110 Keller Avenue North, Amery, WI 54001
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How agricultural land is managed in the St. Croix Watershed can greatly impact how clean and clear the river is. Farmers are finding, and science is backing them up, that certain farming practices can protect water, improve soil health, store carbon in the soil, and make their cropping systems more resilient to severe weather impacts.

George Boody, science and special projects leader at the Land Stewardship Project, will talk about how farmers are adopting these regenerative systems, which include adoption of perennial crops, longer rotations, cover crops, and integration of livestock on the land with managed rotational grazing. The kinds of changes needed in markets and public policies to encourage and implement these practices on a wide scale will also be addressed, with time for audience questions and discussion.

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This talk is co-sponsored by the St. Croix River Association and the Land Stewardship Project.