Climate Resilience Forum for Vegetable Growers

  • Minneapolis, MN
  • RSVP to Nick Olson, LSP,, 320-269-1057

As the warming climate brings more unpredictable weather patterns to the region, farmers are facing rapidly evolving challenges every year. From torrential downpours to new diseases and pests, it's getting harder to farm. In no place is that more apparent than on diverse vegetable farms. As vegetable farmers, we need to access our fields regularly throughout the growing season for field prep, succession planting, and harvest. We plant a wide array of crops with a correspondingly diverse array of pests and diseases to worry about. We need reliable markets that understand the challenges of growing vegetables in the Upper Midwest. Increasingly erratic weather can severely disrupt the production chain at any of these points, with potentially disastrous consequences.

If small, diverse vegetable farms are going to continue to thrive, we need to adapt.

Join other area vegetable farmers for a forum on Jan. 16 to discuss resilience and production practices in the face of a changing climate. This is an opportunity to gather as professionals and compare notes about what is and is not working on our farms. How are we making our farms more resilient? How are we dealing with new or worsening diseases? What varieties are performing best? How are we changing our tillage practices? What opportunities are we seeing?

This will be a forum run by vegetable growers, for vegetable growers. If you would like to get more involved in the planning of the event, please contact Anna Racer or Pete Skold of Waxwing Farm ( or Nick Olson of Prairie Drifter Farm and the Land Stewardship Project (