Exploring Profit Potential of Different Seasonal Grazing Enterprises

  • Zoom call

Are you a young grazier wanting to explore seasonal livestock to either complement a cow/calf operation or replace a cow/calf enterprise, eliminating the need for winter costs altogether? Are you a seasoned grazier with direct experience and/or connections relevant to this topic that could help a young grazier get going?

Well, don’t be shy! Join the Land Stewardship Project on Thursday, Aug. 27, from 6 p.m. – 7 p.m., for an Online Pasture Talk featuring Goodhue grazier Jared Luhman. Jared plans to raise ideas and questions he’s been gathering from sources like Gordon Hazard, online articles and podcasts, and talking with other farmers in his network. The topics Jared will be discussing with other graziers on Aug. 27 cover:

  • True profit of cow/calf after winter costs.
  • Options for seasonal livestock (dairy heifers, owned or custom stockers).
  • Profit potential of different seasonal enterprises.

About Jared Luhman

The Luhman Family owns and operates Dry Creek Red Angus farm in Goodhue, Minn., where they raise 100% grass-fed beef cattle, hay, pasture, Imagecover crops (small grains and summer annuals), organic corn, and edible black beans. Jared has been using practices like cover cropping, mob grazing, and stockpiling forage for winter grazing, as well as using the roller-crimper to improve soil, suppress weeds and turn a profit. Valerie and Jared Luhman run Grass Fed Cattle Co., a direct-marketing enterprise that provides 100% grass-fed beef and pastured pork from Minnesota and Wisconsin farms to folks in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. When he is not farming, Jared works as the Soil Health Lead at the Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota.

Register for the Call

E-mail reminders with event details and Zoom links will be sent out at least one week ahead of the event. Questions? Contact LSP’s Alex Romano.