How to Acquire & Keep an Online Customer: Building a Sustainable Direct Marketing Business with Indiana Farmers

  • Zoom Call

During this Land Stewardship Project workshop, Brooks and Blaine Hitzfield of Seven Sons Farm will share the framework they use to acquire new customers online, and the techniques they use to create a convenient buying experience to inspire those customers to become lifetime customers. Our main presenters will be joined by panelist, Jack McCann, who owns and operates TC Farm with partner, Betsy, which aggregates food from local farmers and distributes meat (along with produce and ready-to-eat meals) to customers in the Twin Cities. Jack will be joined by farmer panelist, Ian Rhodes, who runs Auntie Annie Fields (Dundas, MN) with Elizabeth O‘Sullivan where they raise chickens, eggs and other animals which they sell through TC Farm.

Seven Sons is a family-run farm that started completely from scratch and has scaled to a multi-seven figure direct marketing business. 25 years ago, the family operated a conventional farm using industrial agricultural practices. After a family health crisis, they became convicted of their need to make radical changes in their farming practices and philosophies. In the late 1990s, they embarked on a journey to build a regenerative pasture-based farm based on transparency with an open door to the public. Due to the overwhelming support they received, they now partner with a fellowship of like-minded farmers to help serve thousands of families with nutrient-dense and ethically raised foods. As the farm-to-fork landscape becomes more competitive each year, Blaine & Brooks Hitzfield share lessons they’ve learned with farmers far and wide.

"We recently did some training for our farm with Seven Sons. They offer so much wisdom and experience. They keep all of their information direct to the point and explain everything very well. They have helped our farm learn how to be better at communicating with our customers, building relationships, & seeing how much people value local food.” — Rachelle Meyer, Farmer/Direct Marketer, Caledonia, MN

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