LSP 2021 Lobby Training

  • Zoom
  • RSVP to Amanda Koehler, LSP,

Advancing our vision for rural economic justice through policy requires us to develop and strengthen relationships with decision-makers, share our stories to make issues tangible, and move decision-makers to align with our priorities. Constituent advocacy is one of the most effective tools we have - and we can do it safely from home by using phone and video calls.

Join this training to learn how to lobby effectively, practice an effective lobby meeting, receive tangible tools, be connected to organizers that can provide ongoing support, and be ready to take the initiative in your community. You don't need to be an expert or a professional to lobby decision-makers.

This training will provide you with tools and support, while highlighting that all you need is your own story and initiative. A break is including in this training. This training is accessible via landline, smartphone, and computer. Questions? Contact LSP Organizer Amanda Koehler at 612-400-6355 or