Sharing Stories: Growing Relationships with the Land (part 4)

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Join our discussion with Mark Erickson of Donnelly, Minn., as we reflect on his long journey in family farming, including the challenge of rethinking what farming meant for him, and the process over the past decade of persuading landowners to allow him to convert their land to pasture.

This is a project partnership involving the Office of Sustainability - University of Minnesota Morris, Stevens County Soil & Water Conservation District, and CURE (Clean Up the River Environment), in cooperation with the Land Stewardship Project. It's part of our work as a We Are Water West Central Minnesota team.

The March 9 event is part two of a six-part series that began Feb. 16 and is running through June 1. For more information and details, click here.

Our shared goal is to amplify the stories of people who are using conservation practices that have important regenerative potential while reducing the impacts on climate change. These practices improve soil health and water quality — and grow deep connections to the land and those who came before them. These are stories from practitioners, people with their boots on the ground, soil under their fingernails. Together, these storytellers are from different backgrounds, cultures, and generations.

Crucially, we are at a critical moment where we need to hear the perspectives of path-builders who are catalyzing change in themselves and their communities. Together, we can build a positive rural vision, one that builds stronger lives, livelihoods, lands. We change — when our ideas about what is possible change.

Information on viewing the event is here.

For more information e-mail CURE's Peg Furshong or call her at 320-269-2985; or e-mail the U of M's Troy Goodnough or call him at 814-322-6531.