Pasture Talk: Contract Grazing to Gain Land Access

  • Virtual Meeting (Zoom)

Because land access is the number one barrier that beginning farmers face, there is increased interest in alternative methods of gaining access to land. Prescribed grazing contracts, where farmers are paid to graze their animals on land rather than paying to rent that land for grazing, may be a way to gain access to land and increase profitability.

Join us for a virtual field day on Tuesday, Sept. 28, from 6:30 p.m.-8 p.m., to hear from two farmers about their experience with contract grazing. Heidi Eger is a beginning farmer raising sheep in southeastern Minnesota and researching the effectiveness of managed rotational grazing by sheep to control wild parsnip in a perennial pasture. Eger will discuss how contract grazing may affect land access and share the results of wild parsnip control research. Adam Ledvina will share some basics about contract grazing along with his experience using Kiko goats for prescribed grazing for native land restoration.

For more information, e-mail Land Stewardship Project organizer Annelie Livingston-Anderson.