MOSES New Farmer U

  • Camp One Heartland, Willow River, Minn.
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  • RSVP to Sarah Woutat, MOSES, 888-90-MOSES, ext. 703

New Farmer U takes place Oct. 29 and 30, 2021, at Camp One Heartland in Willow River, Minnesota. MOSES is planning this training in partnership with Renewing the Countryside. In 2022, we’ll work with The Land Connection to host New Farmer U in Illinois, and come back to Wisconsin in 2023 in partnership with Wisconsin Farmer’s Union. All farmers, regardless of experience level, will find the information shared at New Farmer U useful, and all are welcome!

New Farmer U in Minnesota this fall is a two-day event, starting with an optional half-day “Fearless Farm Finances” class. The fee for this class is $25, which includes a copy of the MOSES-published book, Fearless Farm Finances. To get the most out of the short class, participants will receive worksheets to complete prior to the class. They’ll receive customized advice from the instructor, Paul Dietmann of Compeer Financial, who is one of the book’s authors.

Participants will have the chance to get to know one another and share their farm stories at the Friday evening dinner and social. There will also be a pre-event Zoom meeting to learn more about the event and start introductions.

Saturday at New Farmer U will include three workshop sessions with multiple offerings. Topics include Developing Wholesale Markets and Institutional Sales, Income Diversification, Land Access and Financing, Online Marketing, Farm Employment Law, and Whole Farm Recordkeeping. Some workshops will include preliminary work to help participants get the most out of the workshops.

The training also will feature a panel of established farmers who will answer questions and share how they’ve managed growth and profitability on their farms.

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