Farm Dreams Workshops

The desire to farm is powerful—sparked by love of food, the land, just living, community, entrepreneurship and more. But it is a complicated undertaking, and the list of questions is long. If you are dreaming of farming and puzzled about how to get started, LSP’s Farm Dreams Workshop is for you. Details on upcoming workshops are in the right sidebar.

Farm Dreams is a four-hour workshop designed to help people clarify what motivates them to farm, get their vision on paper, inventory their strengths and training needs and get perspective from an experienced farmer.

Farm Dreams participants will:

  • Assess their resources skills, and motivations for farming.
  • Learn about important things to consider when starting to farm.
  • Write down their farm vision.
  • Develop an educational plan.
  • Learn about training opportunities and support networks.
  • Talk to an experienced farmer about their path into farming.

The cost of the workshop is $20 for LSP members and $40 for non-members. Each registration fee covers up to two people per family or farm. For future class dates and other details, contact LSP's Annelie Livingston-Anderson via
e-mail or 507-523-3366.