No. 1, 2023, Land Stewardship Letter

• An online version of the Land Stewardship Letter is here.

A downloadable pdf version is here.

• Archived pdf versions of the Land Stewardship Letter are here.

• Archived online versions of the Land Stewardship Letter are here.

• Paper copies are available by contacting Brian DeVore at 612-816-9342 or via e-mail.

Table of Contents

Stewardship Roots…3
• 40 Stories for 40 Years

Myth Buster…4
• Using the Courts to Short-Circuit Public Participation

LSP News…5
• New Leadership at LSP
• LSP Staff Update
• Get Current with LIVE-WIRE
• Need an LSP Speaker?

Policy & Organizing…7
• Minn. State Legislative Wrap-up
• Rural Healthcare Wins
• Land Stewardship Action Fund
• Return of the Family Farm Breakfast
• Thanks to the Breakfast Suppliers
• 2023 Farm Bill
• Young Farmers & Climate Change

Community Food Systems…14
• Beyond the Charisma
• Why Food Webs Matter

Soil Health…16
• Pay Dirt: 6 Economic Lessons
• Soil Health by the Numbers
Ear Dirt podcasts
• Join the Soil Builders’ Network

Climate Resilience…19
• It’s Not You — It’s the Climate

Farm Beginnings…21
• A Sneak Peek at a FB Class
• Applications Being Accepted for 2023-2024 Course
• Farm Beginnings Profiles:

– Thinking Like a Tree
– A Home Away From Home
– Talking Through Tough Choices

• Seeking Farmers-Seeking Land Clearinghouse

Grain By Grain
• Ground Glass

Membership Update…34
• Kimmerer Keynote
• Membership Questions?
• Book Honors Joe Morse
• In Memory & in Honor

Stewardship Calendar…36
• Twin Cities Cookout, Pasture Walks, Farm Beginnings Classes

Stewardship Shop…36
• Caps, Bumper Stickers, Barn Signs