Affordable Healthcare for All

There are clear signs that healthcare is in crisis and we need to act together to build a system that provides quality, affordable coverage for all Minnesota families. Signs of a dysfunctional healthcare system include extremely high deductibles in the individual market as well as limited choices when it comes to doctors and hospitals. In addition, people who aren’t on public programs like Medicare, Medicaid, or MinnesotaCare, or don’t qualify for premium assistance through MNsure, face exorbitant premiums that can eat into 20 percent to 45 percent of their income.

Our current health insurance system is a huge, costly barrier to prosperity, sustainability and equity in our state and nation. Access—for everyone—to affordable, quality healthcare is critical if we are to have communities where sustainable, family farm-based agriculture thrives.

That is why the Land Stewardship Project is building the base for meaningful, sustainable healthcare reform that prioritizes people's health over profits for health insurance corporations, medical suppliers and drug companies.