Call Now to Ensure Support for 'Medicare for All' Senate Bill

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is introducing his new Medicare for All bill in the Senate this week. The Land Stewardship Project has been engaged in the issue of working for healthcare for all for a number of years. We want an affordable, high quality healthcare system in which everyone is included and no one is left out.

This is an exciting moment in the movement for guaranteed healthcare. Public opinion is on our side, and continuing to show an increase in support for Medicare for All. We need our Minnesota Senators to support this bill before Sanders introduces it. This is where you can help.

The good news is that Minnesota Senator Al Franken has signed on as a co-sponsor. Now it's important to get Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar to join us in the movement for a healthcare system that works for all.

Call Senator Amy Klobuchar to urge her to sign onto Sen. Sanders' bill as a co-sponsor. She can be reached at 612-727-5220.

Personalize your call however you like, but make sure you say:

  • Your name and where you live.
  • I'm calling to urge Senator Klobuchar to co-sponsor the single payer, Medicare for All bill that Senator Bernie Sanders is planning to introduce.
  • Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege for those who can afford it.
  • Senator Sanders’ bill will cover all Americans, save money for patients and taxpayers, and improve health outcomes.
  • Add anything you want to share about why you support Medicare for All.

If you would like to ask for a response from the Senator’s office, provide your telephone number or e-mail.

If you get a response or if you have a question, please e-mail the Land Stewardship Project's Paul Sobocinski at