Stop the Free Ride for Factory Farms: Environment & Natural Resources Bill to be Debated Monday, April 19

On Monday, April 19, the full Minnesota State Senate will be debating, amending, and voting on this year's Environment and Natural Resources omnibus budget bill (Senate File 959). This bill contains several troubling policy provisions that would prioritize factory farms and other polluting industries above what's right for people and the land. This is a critical time for your State Senator to hear from you.

Ask your Senator to oppose these provisions in Article 2 of SF959:

  • Section 116 would add reporting requirements to supposedly increase "efficiency" in permitting of industrial projects, like factory farms and frac sand mines. This idea continues to put corporations above people and the land. The goal of these public processes should not be "efficiency," but rather, to make good decisions about whether or not projects are safe for our communities and should be allowed.
  • Section 120 would limit restrictions on the spreading of manure from factory farms. This proposal serves large operations and their wealthy investors, uplifting an industry that is running small and mid-sized farms out of business, forcing rural communities to foot the bill to clean up the detrimental impacts on human health and the environment.
  • Section 124 would limit the rights of people to petition for environmental review of industrial projects, like factory farms or frac sand mines, based on their county of residence. This is a bad idea: projects undertaken in one county can significantly impact downstream or downwind communities across the state.

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