100% Soil-Healthy Farming Bill Introduction & Hearing!

Exciting news! The Land Stewardship Project's comprehensive soil health bill was introduced in the Minnesota House last week by Rep. Todd Lippert (DFL-Northfield), with a growing list of co-authors from across the state. The Senate bill is coming soon, and we need your help.

Over 2,000 LSP members and supporters came together last summer and fall to build this groundbreaking legislation. If enacted, our proposal would provide upfront grants and up to five years of direct payments to farmers for implementing certain soil-healthy practices — including managed rotational grazing, perennial cropping systems, cover cropping systems, and no-till.

By providing motivating resources to farmers and ensuring soil-healthy practices are profitable from day one, we can reach 100% Soil Healthy Farming in Minnesota by 2040 and bolster farm income, invest in rural communities and economies, clean our water, prevent erosion and run-off, increase the capacity of the soil to hold water, build soil organic matter, and sequester carbon, as well as foster healthy pollinators, wildlife, people, and more.

We need you to urge your elected officials to invest in innovative farming that generates a public good. When we come together, rooted in our values, we can make this a reality in the countryside.

With a tentative hearing scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 17, your voice is needed now, more than ever! Take just one minute to contact your legislators and Governor Tim Walz today.

Click Here to Take Action Now

In addition to taking action, you are invited to join us for a 100% Soil-Healthy Farming Community Conversation tonight at 7 p.m. or Feb. 15 at noon, where you can learn about how soil health can build resiliency from and mitigate climate change, dig into the details of the bill, and get details on taking action.

Building a resilient future is possible — please, contact your elected officials today and join us for a Community Conversation tonight at 7 p.m. or Monday at noon!