Share Your Story, Build Power for Soil Health Legislation!

Thank you for taking action and being engaged with the Land Stewardship Project this legislative session! Many of you have been key to powering our 100% Soil Healthy Farming campaign at the Legislature and making sure farmers are provided with the resources they need to implement soil-healthy practices. But we have not crossed the finish line, yet!

Negotiations between Minnesota House leadership, Senate leadership, and the Governor's office are coming up and we need to let our decision makers know there are thousands of Minnesotans that care about investing in our farmers and soil health!

Here are three easy steps you can take to share your story and build power for soil health:

1) Sign the LSP 100% Soil-Healthy Farming Petition. We are delivering the petition during Earth Week to demonstrate public support for landscape-scale solutions for the climate crisis!

2) Share the LSP 100% Soil-Healthy Farming Petition in your networks. Utilize social media, e-mail, and word-of-mouth. We must get as many signatures as possible; we need them to hear us loud and clear! You are powerful, your story is powerful. Our decision makers need to see faces, farms, land, and lives impacted by climate change.

3) Share your story with LSP. We are collecting stories to build a powerful message that demands action from our decision makers. Simply:

  • Take a picture or selfie of why you care about soil health or how you or your farm/land are impacted by climate change.
  • Give us a short quote to go with it. Include a direct question to decision makers like: How are you impacted? Why do you care about x? Can we count on you to fight for rural resiliency?
  • We will turn it into a graphic and share your story as an endorsement for equitable and bold investments in soil health.

These actions are simple and quick to do! Just 5-10 minutes of your time will engage decision makers and demonstrate public support across Minnesota for soil health!

We need to ensure that our public dollars and policies reflect our values of stewardship, justice, democracy, health, and community. The Land Stewardship Project's power doesn't come from our name. It comes from you, our members and supporters.

Can you sign and share the petition and share your story (a picture and quote) with LSP?

Please send pictures and quotes to Courtney at via e-mail or text 612-384-8855.