Join the Fight for Historic Federal Funding for Climate & Agriculture

As you read this message, Congress is hashing out a once-in-a-generation climate and infrastructure package. Negotiations are underway which will determine how much funding will go toward agriculture — and toward building the resilient and equitable farm and food system we know we need.

This is our chance to increase jobs and farming opportunities that improve rural economies, while decarbonizing agriculture and protecting the soil and water for future generations. The climate can’t wait and neither can members of our rural communities.

Now is the time to let your members of Congress know where you stand. Click here to share your support for a robust American Jobs Plan Act (AJPA) that includes our farm and food system. We believe an allocation of at least $200 billion represents a fair share for agriculture, and would provide an historic investment in Farm Bill conservation, regional food system and supply chain infrastructure, renewable energy, and climate research on practices that sequester carbon and reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

E-mail Your Members of Congress

How will we do it? The roadmap already exists! Two bicameral bills — the Agriculture Resilience Act and the Climate Stewardship Act — identify key funding elements that could transform the farm and food system in rural America. The two bills include increased funding for proven, yet oversubscribed, programs like the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) and the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) so that more farmers and ranchers can implement practices like cover cropping and managed rotational grazing.

In addition, the bills include funding for important new programs: soil health grants to states, equipment and local animal processing grants, an alternative manure management program, local market support for products that improve soil health, and more. This investment model is directed at those who steward the land and those who live and work in rural communities, so people, not corporations, will be the beneficiaries.

Getting this funding into the American Jobs Plan Act is not a guarantee. We need our members of Congress to hear us loud and clear. A resilient, healthy, and local farm and food system that protects the climate and our rural economies must be a priority.

Please add your voice to the fight. Let’s make history.