Ear to the Ground No. 250: Letting Water Call the Shots

When Mark Erickson's combine got stuck in the muck, he knew he needed to unearth a different relationship with the land.

Mark Erickson was interviewed as part of the We Are Water initiative, which documented the stories of several farmers in the upper reaches of the Minnesota River watershed who are using innovative production methods to not only protect our water, but to make their land more resilient in the face of challenges such as climate change. For more information, see the Sharing Stories web page. There you will find links to webinar discussions involving Erickson, as well as other farmers who were interviewed for this series.

Video & Podcast: Healthy Soil = Healthy
Relationship with the Land, Water & Landowners

For more on how Mark Erickson is using soil health to build a deep relationship with his landlords, see Ear to the Ground episode 222. In the LSP video Grazing & Soil Structure: The Connection Between Cattle & Water Infiltration, Erickson describes how he is using high density rotational grazing to build soil health profitably.