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Don’t Let Corporate Interests Weaken Local Control in Minnesota

Oppose House File 330 & Senate File 201, Which Weaken Local Democracy Corporate interests are pushing bills to weaken the rights of cities and townships in Minnesota to effectively respond to unwanted and potentially harmful developments. This in turn weakens our ability as citizens to work through our local governments to protect our communities. Minnesotans…  Read More

Ear to the Ground No. 259: Kernza’s Stress Test

In his ongoing attempt to create a regenerative, soil-healthy farm, Kaleb Anderson is pushing a plant science breakthrough further using rotational grazing. Other Ear to the Ground Podcasts on Kernza, Forever Green & Kaleb Anderson: • Episode 229: A farmer and a researcher discuss the potential agronomic, economic, and ecological benefits of a commercially-viable perennial…  Read More

Stand up for Rural Communities Dec. 4 at MPCA Public Meeting in Mabel

Demand an Environmental Impact Statement on Proposed Fillmore County Factory Hog Farm On Tuesday, Dec. 4, beginning at 6:30 p.m., the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is holding a public meeting on the proposed Catalpa, LLC factory hog farm. The meeting will be at the Mabel Community Center (201 South Main Street, Mabel, Minn.). MPCA…  Read More

Legislature Protects Farmers From Foreclosure Through Harvest Time

LSP: Farmers Must Now be Aware of their Mediation Rights SAINT PAUL, Minn. — As a sign of the dire financial situation the state’s agriculture faces, the Minnesota House and Senate last week passed by a combind 201-0 vote legislation that stops foreclosures until December for farmers who elect to take part in creditor mediation.…  Read More

We Need Gov. Dayton’s Veto

We need Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton to use his veto pen. The “Guilty by Association” legislation, Senate File 3463, was passed by the Minnesota Legislature Saturday and is on its way to the Governor’s desk. This bill is being driven by corporate interests that want to chill dissent and prevent people from standing up to…  Read More

Tell Governor Dayton to Get Out His Veto Pen

The Minnesota Legislative Session ends May 21 and corporate interests and their legislative allies are pushing bills that violate Minnesotans’ values and put corporate interests before the public good. We need to speak up now to ensure these harmful policies don’t pass. Many of the worst policies have been rolled into a massive omnibus finance…  Read More

Don’t Let Corporate Interests Weaken MN Democracy

Minnesotans value a vibrant democratic process and we won’t let it be undermined to serve corporate interests. We know that this process includes respect for free speech and dissent, which has been critical to achieving progress towards justice in our state. Critical farm policy reforms such as the 1986 statewide legislation that included mandatory mediation…  Read More

Keep Local Control Strong. Oppose House File 330

Since the legislative session began Land Stewardship Project has been fighting a corporate backed effort to weaken the local control our Minnesota communities need to be strong. The bill will be on the House Floor at the State Capitol on Thursday at 3:30 p.m. and we need you to take action now. House File 330…  Read More