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Stages of Learning in Farming: Stage 2 — Becoming Self Sufficient

Stage two typically lasts an additional three to five seasons. You are on your way to a successful farming enterprise. You have a firm direction, you are focused and you have, by trial and error, refined your course (see previous blogs here, and here). You are still doing much fine tuning and investing. If you…  Read More

Stages of Learning in Farming: Stage 1–Building on the Basics

Congratulations, you have laid the foundation for your agricultural enterprise (see previous blog) and formally stepped into the world of farming. You are starting into your first season or, like us, maybe you have been doing things on a small scale and want to step into the commercial marketplace. Stage 1 typically lasts about three…  Read More

Family Farms, Corporate Profits & the ‘Buy the Farm’ Law

You’ve probably never heard of the “Buy the Farm” law, but if you think corporations have too much power and that it’s time to put people before corporate profits, this is a law worth knowing about. The “Buy the Farm” law is a result of the hard fought negotiations between family farmers and utility companies…  Read More