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Seeking Farmland to Rent: Wisconsin

Matthew is seeking farmland to rent in Wisconsin.  No housing is necessary but grain bins or sheds in good condition would be beneficial.

Seeking Farmland to Buy: SE MN/ W WI

Young couple looking for a farmer interested in transitioning their farm to the next generation. We are interested in most types of farming and would ideally like to find something in southeast MN or western WI. We come from farming backgrounds and currently rent sixty acres and rotationally graze beef cows.

Ear to the Ground 317: Policy on the Prairie

Adam Griebie’s agricultural stewardship ethic has been bolstered by federal farm policy, but there’s room for improvement. More Information • LSP’s 2023 Farm Bill Platform • LSP’s Federal Policy Web Page You can find LSP Ear to the Ground podcast episodes on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and other podcast platforms.

Organic Farmland for Sale: Maine

Dan is helping to sell 40 certified organic acres (10 tillable, 30 pasture, 5 forest and 5 other) in Belgrade, Kennebec Maine.  There is a Victorian farm house, farm store and barn available.  There is a  small orchard of fruit, plum, pear, cherry and peach trees, and a prolific heirloom variety raspberry and black berry…  Read More

Farmland for Sale: Minnesota (East Central)

Bill is looking for a farmer to buy roughly 100 acres (65 tillable) in East Central, MN Isanti County.  There is a large pole shed with electricity, a deceased barn (big pile), a very dilapidated lean- to approximately 8 x 20.  The house is the standard L-shaped farmhouse, 3br, with a large kitchen and den…  Read More

Farmland for Rent: Minnesota (Southeast)

Allison is looking for a farmer to rent her 8 acre farm (5 tillable, 2 forest, 1 other) in Canton, MN, Fillmore County.  The land was purchased in 2002 from an Amish family. No pesticides or sprays or chemicals of any kind were used. This land has about 2 acres of trees, the rest of…  Read More

Ear to the Ground 316: Passing on Purity

Agronomist David Kleinschmidt says dealing with extreme weather on the farm requires compromise, even when it means taking a temporary step back on soil health. More Information • LSP’s Soil Health Web Page • LSP’s Ear Dirt Soil Health Series • Ear to the Ground 288: More With Less You can find LSP Ear to…  Read More

Don’t Let Congress Gut Local Control

Oppose the Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression (EATS) Act

At the Land Stewardship Project, we value local control — the ability for smaller units of government to build upon laws set by larger units of government. While states like Iowa and Wisconsin have gutted or significantly weakened local control, Minnesota has stayed strong on this issue (because of organizing by LSP members and others)…  Read More

Seeking Organic Farmland to Rent or Buy: Iowa

Carly is seeking 10- 40 acres of certified organic farmland in Iowa as a long-term place to farm.  Carly is currently farming on 2 rented acres through an incubator farm.  She would like to buy overtime. If there is not a house already, there would need to be a place to build one.  Immediate water…  Read More