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Sign LSP’s Manure Management Reform Petition by the End of April

Currently, more than 175,000 Minnesotans live in communities with elevated nitrate levels (>3mg/L) in their drinking water. This problem is particularly bad in southeastern Minnesota. Consuming too much nitrate can affect how blood carries oxygen and studies suggest that nitrate exposure increases the risk of cancer, as well as increases heart rate, nausea, headaches, abdominal cramps, and more. Nitrate is…  Read More

Ear to the Ground 338: Microbial IRA

For Jerome Fulsaas, cover cropping and no-till are creating an individual retirement account based on a living soil bank, not dead dirt. More Information • LSP’s Bridge to Soil Health Web Page • LSP’s Soil Builders’ Network • Order Your LSP “Let’s Stop Treating Our Soil Like Dirt” Bumper Sticker You can find LSP Ear…  Read More

Ear to the Ground 337: ROI & Riding a Bike

Josh Nelson’s approach to farming means looking beyond the next corn crop and building the kind of soil that generates long-term return on investment.  More Information • LSP’s Bridge to Soil Health Web Page • LSP’s Soil Builders’ Network You can find LSP Ear to the Ground podcast episodes on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and other…  Read More

Ear to the Ground 336: Biology Booster

Gary Zimmer says before a farm can be sustainable, it has to be regenerated — and that starts with the soil. More Information • LSP’s Bridge to Soil Health Web Page • LSP’s Microbiology & Soil Health Web Page • Gary Zimmer • Agri-View Article on Gary Zimmer You can find LSP Ear to the Ground…  Read More

Spanish-Language Land Access Workshop for Beginning & Aspiring Farmers April 27 in Northfield

NORTHFIELD, Minn. —A culturally relevant “Land Access: Are You Ready?” workshop will be held for Spanish-speaking beginning and aspiring farmers Saturday, April 27, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Emmaus Baptist Church, 712 Linden St. N., in Northfield. This Land Stewardship Project (LSP) workshop is free; materials, lunch and childcare are provided. To register by April…  Read More

Stand with Emerging & BIPOC Farmers Today

Key Senate Hearing Monday, April 8

We wanted to reach out to fill you in on what is going on at the Minnesota Legislature when it comes to the prioritization of emerging farmers in Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) and Rural Finance Authority (RFA) programs. While we laid out the full context in this blog, here are the top five things…  Read More

Who Benefits When Emerging Farmers Can’t Succeed?

Emerging Farmers: What Do You Think of This Proposed Legislation?

Last year, the Land Stewardship Project celebrated the historic investments in emerging farmers that we won at the Minnesota Capitol. One of these wins included doubling the funding for and prioritizing emerging farmer applicants within the Minnesota Farmland Down Payment Assistance Program, which the Land Stewardship Project worked on with the Midwest Farmers of Color…  Read More

Soil Health Leadership

Leadership Opportunity:  Soil Health Steering Committee The Land Stewardship Project is looking for regional farmers to help lead our Soil Health Program in making positive, community-based change. We have open positions to fill on our steering committee that sets goals and strategies — within LSP’s mission — to build out an energetic and engaged network…

Advocating for a Farm Bill for People & the Land in D.C.

The Federal Farm Bill is the single most important piece of legislation shaping our farm and food system. It spends over $1.5 trillion on nutrition programs, crop insurance, commodity programs, conservation programs, and more. The next Farm Bill, which could still be passed this spring or by early summer, impacts each and every one of…  Read More

Tell Your Senator to Support Land Access Legislation

Make the LASO Act Part of the Next Farm Bill

Our farm and food system is more resilient and just with more farmers stewarding the land, growing food for their communities, but so many people who want to farm are facing significant barriers to getting established and sustaining their businesses. The Increasing Land Access, Security, and Opportunities (LASO) Act, championed by Sen. Tina Smith would…  Read More