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Farmland for Sale: Wisconsin (Northwest)

Bairet is seeking a farmer to buy 8 acres of farmland (4 tillable, one pastured, and 3 forested) in Dunn County, WI.  On the farm there is a large storage shed, greenhouse, high tunnel,  fencing, harvest/storage bins, walk in cooler, washing sinks, two wells, mowing equipment, hand tools, etc. There is housing available and she…  Read More

Ear to the Ground No. 290: Silt Suppression

How the Bergler family stopped “chasing their tails,” started fixing their farm’s damaged soils, and welcomed curious queries. More Information • LSP’s Soil Health web page • Land Stewardship Letter: A Season of Knowledge Transfer You can find LSP Ear to the Ground podcast episodes on Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes, and other podcast platforms.

The Loss of the Leopold Center is a Loss for All of Us

The State of Iowa is on the verge of eliminating one of the nation’s leading centers of sustainable agriculture research and innovation. The Iowa Legislature’s vote to defund and close the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture comes at a time when the work of the 30-year-old institution is, in many ways, just beginning. It was…  Read More

Continuous Learning About Continuous Living Cover

When it comes to introducing and supporting innovative sustainable farming practices, nothing beats a field day. Such events provide an opportunity for farmers to see firsthand how profitable, environmentally sound production practices are performing on their neighbor’s land under climatic, agronomic and economic conditions they can relate to. Studies have shown that while sustainable farming…  Read More