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Got Grazing Questions? A New Grazing Helpline has Answers

Have you launched a full-blown livestock grazing enterprise and are now ready to take the next step? Or maybe you’re just thinking about turning a few head of cattle or sheep out onto pasture or a stand of cover crops as a way to get access to an inexpensive feed source. Utilizing an innovative grazing…  Read More

Gabe Brown’s Rags-to-Regeneration Story

In 2012, I had the great fortune to get a tip about a group of farmers, scientists and government soil conservationists who had teamed up in south-central North Dakota to take a holistic approach to making the land more resilient. By focusing intensively on building soil health utilizing a combination of practices—no-till, managed rotational grazing,…  Read More

Feed the Plant, Starve the Soil

There are lots of reminders out there that we have a long ways to go before building soil health becomes a mainstay of our food and farming system. Some reminders are subtle, while others are about as blunt as a baseball bat to the head. A reminder of the latter variety is featured in the…  Read More

We Are Not Fated to Repeat Dirty History

The United Nations-Food and Agriculture Organization has declared 2015 the International Year of Soils. That’s fitting, given how reliant the entire world is on keeping our soil in place, as well as keeping it healthy. But this isn’t exactly new information: years ago I happened upon a 1953 pamphlet called Conquest of the Land Through…  Read More